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Pirate Camp (Grades K-5)

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to become a pirate and set sail on the high seas! In Pirate Camp, students work together to explore the ocean, learn cool STEM stuff, and have a swashbuckling good time! Here’s what we’ll do: Start the day with exciting stories that make us use our…


In this fun program, students learn about how things move and how heavy they are. We’ll do cool engineering challenges that make students think and work together. Class Format: Opening Discussion Topic Background Information & Vocabulary Step-By-Step Activity Instructions Closing Discussion Here are some things we’ll learn about: How things…

Genetics (Grades 6-8)

Let’s talk about something interesting: how our traits, like the color of our eyes, are passed from our parents. Imagine Aunt Muriel and Uncle Charles both have blue eyes. Could their new baby have brown eyes? We’ll find out! We’ll use special bricks and fun activities to learn about genes…

Intro to Robotics (Grades 6-8)

In this program, we use incredible building pieces and a fun curriculum to help students learn. We start with the basics and teach them how to think like a programmer while doing fun engineering. Students learn skills like solving problems and thinking like a computer expert. We use a fun…

Da Vinci Club (Grades 3-5)

Get ready for a fantastic STEAM program inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci! In this program, students explore lots of cool stuff like art, writing, observing things closely, and even animals. Here are some things we’ll learn about: What names mean Writing like a mirror Becoming a super observer Cool shapes…

Zoo Adventures (Grades K-5)

Imagine your child going on a fantastic adventure where you get to explore all sorts of unique places and creatures. That’s what our Zoo Adventures program is all about! In this program, you’ll travel to different parts of the world, like the Sahara Desert and the Himalayan mountains. Along the…

Magic Beans (Grades K-2)

“Magic Beans” – Where Stories Come to Life! In this fun program, we take classic fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk and King Midas and make them super exciting! We use a mix of cool activities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) to make these stories even…

Explore Your Wild Side! (Grades K-2)

Is your student ready to become a world-traveling artist? We’re going on an exciting journey to explore our planet, from the icy Arctic to the desert. Along the way, we’ll learn about all the different places where animals and plants live – ecosystems. But here’s the best part: We won’t…

Westover Elementary LEGO Club: Zoo Adventures (Grades K-5) — Tuesdays

Let’s make our brains even smarter! With Brain Builders, we use building blocks to make learning super fun. Students do cool science and engineering challenges that help them think better. Students use their brains to figure out patterns, solve problems, and make cool stuff. And the best part is, we…

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