Our literacy sessions motivate students (Pre-K to 3rd Grade) to learn through fun and interactive literacy-building activities.


Our team is here to support and supplement your existing literacy program.


Our program equips parents with key resources to bolster each student’s confidence on their literacy journey.

Heather Hastick, M.Ed.
Founder, Whiz Kid Academy

Our Mission:

To help every child read!

As a 20-year educator, the one activity I cherish the most is helping children develop a love for reading! It never gets old for me to see the confidence rise in a student as they successfully read sentences they previously struggled to complete. This confidence tends to overflow into their entire being, as literacy mastery unlocks a world of new possibilities for each child.

After personally seeing strong reading growth in a diverse group of learners over the years, I am offering this enrichment program on the principle that every child can excel in reading.

Literacy Program Overview

Building Foundational Skills in Literacy

Language Development

Curriculum teaches students academic language skills, including the use of inferential and narrative language and vocabulary language.

Aural/Oral Development

Through the program, students gain a greater awareness of sounds and links to letters.

Analytical Development

Each session teaches students to decode words, analyze word parts, and write and recognize each word in a sentence structure.

Connected Text Development

All lessons are designed to help each student read connected text every day to support reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

Student Outcomes

  • Develop print awareness with routine reading
  • Read aloud and independently with support
  • Work collaboratively and socially
  • Learn how to take risks as readers in a supportive setting
  • Apply knowledge and skills to other subject areas

Our Curriculum Partners

Whiz Kid Academy is proud to partner with industry-leaders in curriculum development and teaching solutions for early childhood education.

Individual assessments guide student progress.

Sample Assessment Tool


We take the planning burden off of your teachers and fully implement the program with our on-site professionals.

All program staff are background checked and trained professional educators.

Program Benefits

Differentiated Instruction
  • Prescriptive support for below level, on level, and above level
  • Multilingual learner supports for demanding aspects of language
  • Decoding and articulation support for students
  • Insights to help teachers determine individual progress and additional instruction
  • Data-management tools for easy tracking of individual student and whole-class progress
  • Designed for a high-level, at-a-glance view of student success in the program