Our Program

Discover how our curriculum and educational philosophy propel our Pre-K students toward academic excellence.

Whiz Kid Academy offers Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Pre-K5 to meet the needs of your child, featuring specialized on-demand content and live classes for all three age groups!

When you signup your child, they are never “behind,” as the curriculum begins with Lesson 1 when they start the program, even when you miss the cutoff or enrollment deadlines of other schools.

We are here to offer a Pre-K readiness program to fit your family’s needs! Each lesson is led by an experienced, professionally trained early childhood educator, providing essential instruction through an award-winning curriculum for a full school year, all for a fraction of the cost of in-person preschool. Our Whiz Kid Academy teaching team is first subject to a focused vetting process (academic verification, reference/background checks, etc.) to ensure a safe and engaging experience for your child.

Readiness and Writing

Children are intrinsically motivated to learn. Through our program, they will learn and utilize all the core readiness skills needed for Kindergarten. Children will establish handedness and expand their fine motor skills through correct pencil grip, tracing and coloring. They will also develop number and letter identification and proper letter formation through music, movement and hands-on manipulatives.

Language and Literacy

Young learners develop language skills by listening, answering questions, retelling stories, and narrating different types of literature (fiction and nonfiction) through our play-based approach. In our program, we use songs, hands-on activities, and active learning to teach children fundamental early literacy skills. Our Language and Literacy component is made up of 5 main components, including, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, concepts of print, comprehension, and writing.


Little ones learn best when they are activity engaged. In our Math program, children will be learning to count, match, sort, compare, understand spatial awareness, sequence, create patterns, problem-solve, and learn basic geometry skills, through hands on manipulatives and real life objects, while they play. 

Social-Emotional Learning

Developing students need to feel accepted and safe in order to learn. Through activities and literature focused on self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and relationships with teachers and fellow students, your child will expand these social-emotional skills. 

Science and Social Studies

Each child is filled with wonder and curiosity.  Our program helps children learn about the world around them. Your young explorer will use their imagination and creativity through lessons on caring for the environment, geography, community, animals, plants, and self-care.

Oral Language

Preschoolers have a strong desire to share and to be understood.  Our program helps children improve these communication skills, and helps them to increase their vocabulary with fun and easy activities. Children will enjoy meeting and learning new words with Squawker, our parrot puppet.

Our Founder

Heather Hastick – Experienced and innovative early childhood educator

B.A., Elementary Education; M.Ed., Early Childhood Education

As a teacher of eighteen years and a mother of three, Heather has a wealth of experience in both the classroom and her living room in preparing young children for their next step in life. Each lesson she leads is infused with proven strategies and genuine care, providing students the boost they need to succeed.

Ms. Heather’s core strengths (AKA superpowers) are:

  • Creating engaging lessons to reach children of all learning styles and personalities
  • Individualization of lesson content so each student can “get it”
  • Using technology to create compelling virtual classroom and one-on-one experiences
  • Ability to assess child progress and develop parent partnership plans for further academic success
  • Parent partnership for student success

Ms. Heather’s philosophy of education:

“I see myself as a facilitator in the learning process. It is vital to connect what children learn to their real-life daily experiences. Young students are more invested in their learning process when they are given opportunities to master new material and make sense of their world. Today, all classroom experiences must be inclusive and intentionally designed for all learners to thrive.”

When not in “teacher mode,” you will find Heather trying a new recipe, jamming out to her favorite songs, and sneaking in snuggles with her hubby and three young daughters.