Zoo Adventures (Grades K-5)

Imagine your child going on a fantastic adventure where you get to explore all sorts of unique places and creatures. That’s what our Zoo Adventures program is all about!

In this program, you’ll travel to different parts of the world, like the Sahara Desert and the Himalayan mountains. Along the way, students will meet all kinds of animals, even lobsters!

Students learn how these animals are special and how they live in their unique homes, called habitats. Your child will also learn about why it’s important for animals to survive in these places.

But here’s the really fun part: Students get to do hands-on activities like building models of these cool animals. This helps them understand how special and different they are from each other.

We’ll also use creative thinking and teamwork to learn about the Earth’s amazing biospheres, which are like big, important systems where all living things live.

So, get ready for an exciting journey where you’ll make new animal friends and discover just how awesome our planet is!

Let’s start exploring together!