Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long are the live classes?

Live classes are 30 minutes each day.


When are the live classes offered?

  • We have several live class options:
    • Daily Circle Time Classes are held throughout the day Monday – Thursday. You can choose from available class times on our enrollment form.
    • Special Classes (Scholar Track Only) are held on Fridays.


How many students will be in my child’s class?

  • Each class will have up to 10 students.


What online platform do you use for live classes?

  • Live classes will be accessed via Zoom. The login information will be provided through our online portal.  Once enrolled, you will be able to login and access links for our live classes.


Who teaches the classes?

  • All on-demand content is taught by Ms. Heather who is a certified elementary education teacher with 19-years experience.
  • Our live classes are led by professionally trained and experienced early childhood educators.
  • Our Special Classes (Art, Spanish, Music and PE) are taught by specialists in the content area.


How long are the on-demand videos?

  • Each day has approximately 45-60 min of video content, broken up into smaller segments to match the average attention span of a 4-year old.  There are assignments and activities your child can complete after the video, to provide additional support and practice to reinforce skills taught in the videos.  Videos can also be watched more than once to help reinforce information as well.


How much time does the program take each day?

  • Each day, your child will have access to four on-demand videos. They include:  Literacy and Language, Readiness and Writing, and Math.  The fourth video varies between Oral Language (Vocabulary building program), Science and Social Studies.  The online content of the program should take around 90 minutes.  If you add on the live classes, that would include an additional 30 minutes of learning.  Most in-person Pre-K programs allow for a lot of interactive play and learning and direct instruction is typically 90-120 minutes each day.


How long does it take to complete the program?

  • Our program is 36 weeks (9 months) of content just like a traditional school year.


Do I have to commit to the whole program?

  • No, you can cancel anytime.


What supplies will my child need?

  • Our program uses three workbooks. These can be purchased during your enrollment process as an add-on.
  • Our Hands-on Kit, which includes the workbooks, provides the essentials needed for our program.
  • If enrolling in our Scholar Track, there may be additional items that our Specials teachers will recommend using to get the full experience.


Does my child get a certificate at the completion of the program?

Yes! We love to celebrate all the achievements of our students.