What is SEL?

What is SEL?

We all want our children to excel in school. Many families come to us because they are unsure what children should know to be ‘kindergarten ready.’ I can give you a list of things they should know like, their ABCs, #’s, be able to write their name, etc., but what if I told you that one thing many parents overlook is social-emotional skills?


As a former Kindergarten teacher, I would almost go as far as to say social-emotional skills are more crucial than academics. Yes, you read that right. All the academics will come with time, but if a little one can’t sit on a carpet, can’t actively listen to their teacher, and express their emotions, the academic learning will not happen as quickly as it could or should.


Now SEL (social-emotional learning) is often misunderstood and can be mislabeled. This program is not designed to teach your child what to think, but it helps children (and adults, too!) learn to identify and express how they are feeling and share their needs with others. Other things emphasized in a quality SEL program are self-control, developing empathy, working with others, and even goal-setting.


We strive to develop social skills in our live circle time classes, but some programs specifically deal with developing these skills (and they ARE skills!). Emotional ABCs is my absolute favorite SEL program.


Should Whiz Kid Academy offer SEL Classes?  Let us know!

-Ms. Heather